Innova Halo Star TL3
Innova Halo Star TL3
Innova Halo Star TL3
Innova Halo Star TL3
Innova Halo Star TL3

Team Idlewild

Innova Halo Star TL3

Sale price$21.99
Rim Color/Center Color:Green/White

Paint the fairway in beautiful Halo two-tone with the Innova Halo TL3, the disc that will turn your placement shots into works of art.

Notice: Center Disc Color & Stamp Color Combinations will vary. Halo effect will vary.

How the TL3 flies: The Innova TL has developed a strong and loyal following because of its clutch accuracy and finely-tuned stability (just a tad less than the venerable TeeBird). With the TL3 you get all of that plus more distance and precision. Expect more glide and overstability with Halo Star discs compared to their Star counterpart.

Use the TL3 for:

  • Precision fairway drives
  • Long anhyzers
  • Shots in between a mid range and distance driver
  • Straight shots with minimal fade at flight’s end

The Halo Disc Process: The unique two-tone injection process results in beautiful, durable discs with a “Halo” rim that is a distinctly different color than the flight plate.

Halo TL3 Flight Numbers: 8 / 4 / -1 / 1