Innova Halo Star Boss
Innova Halo Star Boss
Innova Halo Star Boss

Team Idlewild

Innova Halo Star Boss

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Rim Color/Center Color:Purple/White

Notice: Center Disc Color & Stamp Color Combinations will vary. Halo effect will vary.

How the Innova Halo Boss flies: This is a fast overstable distance driver that can handle a full send from any player. Eats headwinds for breakfast. Advanced players and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. Halo discs typically have slightly more stability and glide than their Star counterparts.

Use the Boss for:

  • Max power forehands and backhands
  • Windy rounds
  • Massive ‘S’ shots when seasoned

The Halo Disc Process: The unique two-tone injection process results in beautiful, durable discs with a “Halo” rim that is a distinctly different color than the flight plate.

Halo Boss Flight Numbers: 13 / 5 / -1 / 3