Innova R-Pro War Toro

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Innova R-Pro War Toro

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Disc Color/Stamp Color:White/Blue

If you liked the in-your-face War Pig, you’ll snort with glee for the next in the series, the R-Pro War Toro. No bull, honest! Plus, it’s the First Toro released in R-Pro plastic.

**A Marm O. Set 2-Color Design

How this batch of R-Pro Toro feels: Flat to supa flat, as you would expect from a Toro. Griptastic R-pro plastic. Dazzling stamps foils used.

More about the stamp: The R-Pro War Pig disc took the disc golf world by storm in 2021, easily becoming our best-selling design of all time. Two years later we believe the world is finally ready for the next in the series, the War Toro. However, instead of an extreme closeup of the beast’s head like Marm O. Set did with the War Pig, he zoomed out to reveal a hard charging action pose. It was a change Marm was glad to do because it allows him to create an actual illustration.

“Given the opportunity, I tend to gravitate towards illustration (as opposed to the graphic oriented War Pig) because of its allegorical possibilities,” said Marm O. Set. “It’s hard to tell a story when all you see is a face.”

More about the R-Pro Toro disc: The Toro was built to handle anything you put on it for short to medium length backhand or forehand shots. “Massive torque resistance,” is how Innova co-founder and disc inventor Dave Dunipace describes the Toro’s flight, which in layman’s terms means it’s an ox of a disc.

R Pro Toro Flight Numbers: 4 / 2 / 1 / 3

Golden Nugget: Check out Marm O. Set’s typography for Toro. If you’re a Rock Hill resident the “RO” in Toro may look a little familiar because Marm O. Set fashioned it from the city’s logo as a shout out.