Innova Star Alien
Innova Star Alien
Innova Star Alien

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Innova Star Alien

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Greetings earthlings! It’s time to make contact with the Innova Star Alien, the saucer shaped multipurpose disc that’s great for a host of controlled, measured throws that stop precisely.

How this large diameter disc feels: The upper half has a Sonic look and feel with its domey top and familiar fastback grooves. The bottom half though, is equipped with a thicker, more modern-day mid-range rim.

Star Alien Flight numbers: 4 / 2 / 0 / 1

How it flies: With a flat release in fair conditions, the Alien flies straight 200-300 feet (depending on arm speed), and then torpedoes down - it's signature move. Once its flight ends, it practically falls off the table.

Because of its low carry, Innova Co-Founder and Disc Inventor Dave Dunipace says the Alien is ideal for “Ranging,” meaning it does a better job landing where you aim.

Versatile flight

Short Drives | Mid Range Hyzer or Anhyzer | Backhand or Forehand approaches

Multipurpose: Everyone can find a place for this disc even as a putter because this flying saucer loves to crash land in the chains.

Great for:

  • One disc rounds (for shorter courses)
  • Drop and stop throws needed for island holes and other perilous landing areas.
  • Touch anhyzer approaches, where there’s trouble behind
  • Full power anny’s that comeback as faithfully as a Twilight Zone reruns
  • Short forehand approaches

How will I throw it? Experienced players with substantial power will enjoy manipulating the Alien for everything from short drives to baby approaches. Those with less arm speed may be surprised at the disc’s overstable finish, but after some practice this disc will get lots of round reps.