Innova Star Destroyer
Innova Star Destroyer
Innova Star Destroyer

Team Idlewild

Innova Star Destroyer

Sale price$18.99
Disc Color:Blue

If you’ve got plenty of power, it’s time you graduated to the Innova Star Destroyer. It’s the overstable distance driver all others are judged by. 

How it feels: Wide rimmed distance driver that feels as serious as it flies. Most have a noticeable dome.

Star Destroyer Flight numbers: 12 / 5 / -1 / 3

How the Destroyer flies: Boom goes the dynamite. The Destroyer is a very fast, very overstable distance driver meant for advanced players. Thrown with the proper amount of power, the Destroyer disc flies straight followed by a slight turn for incredible distance until its mighty fade brings it back to the ground. It has no problems with headwinds and once beat in, you can expect even greater distance.

Star plastic: This is the plastic the Destroyer won the world over with and what you'll find in the bag of countless professional disc golfers. Star plastic gives you incredible durability while maintaining a grippy feel in the hand. The Star Destroyer is the most popular version of the disc and provides an immediate impact upon the course.

The Star Destroyer is great for:

  • Backhand or Forehand max distance drives
  • Overhand shots
  • Headwinds
  • Monster hyzer and flex shots